Any and all donations are used to support the community outreach and ministry of the churches across the Team ministry. We support our local schools, isolated and vulnerable adults and many other groups. We do not receive funding from government or the Church of England. All costs of keeping the churches open and accessible to local people are met by members of the different congregations. 


Planned Giving

Once people become settled as part of one of our local congregations they are encouraged to join the planned giving scheme for that congregation. Giving financially is a demonstration of commitment to the work of the church, to supporting the common good and to our discipleship. By giving in a planned way helps the churches to budget more efficiently. You can set up a Standing Order from your bank to the bank account of which ever church you would like to support very easily. The bank account details of each church can be found by clicking here


Text Giving

It is now possible to support the church of your choice by texting from your mobile. Each church has a unique code. You can specify the amount you'd like to donate by texting the code and amount to 70700


Give through easyfundraising

Through easyfundraising you can raise money for one of our local churches every time you go shopping. Click on the link to discover how. 


Leave a legacy