This prayer was published across our Team Ministry in June 2019 to encourage and challenge all of us to go deeper into our faith.

Loving God, give me the courage to go deeper in my faith. 
Shine your pure and piercing light into those areas of my life where I am reluctant to allow you access. 
Give me the courage to allow those things in my life that are harming and poisoning my relationships to die, so that I might have life in all its fulness. 
Give me the patience and humility to walk in the light of your love. 
Give me the wisdom to live each moment of every day fully present, with my eyes open to your presence in me and in all people.
Give me the discipline to sit in your presence, listening to your Word and knowing your love.
Help me to grow in confidence in your limitless love. When setbacks and difficulties come, may I hold firmly to you. 
O Holy Spirit, give voice to my deepest hungers and the humility to realise that your unfathomable ways are better than mine.
O God, give me the courage to go deeper in my faith. Amen.



The Grow prayer was published across the Team ministry in October 2017 to encourage us all to pray for growth of our churches. We give thanks for the signs of growth.

God of abundant goodness and life, we pray for the growth of the churches of the Brereton, Rugeley and Armitage Team Ministry. 
Send us people of settled and established faith who will serve you faithfully, helping to build up the life and witness of our congregations. 
Send us people who are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Reveal to them through our love and welcome your love and welcome. 
Pour into our hearts today your Holy Spirit of joy and make us faithful in prayer, generosity and service. 
Give to the weary new strength. Give to the sceptical a fresh revelation of your glory.
Melt all barriers in our hearts and minds that hinder your Spirit and the progress of your mission in this place. 
We pray this prayer in the name of Jesus, the eternal Christ, who is Lord of all.  Amen.