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Central to the life of any worshipping community is music. Singing, playing instruments, listening to music. Music lifts us, we get inspired, faith is both expressed and encouraged, and we feel better, we gain in confidence.

But in our Parishes we know that music is a great way of engaging with people from the wider community. There’s plenty of evidence that singing improves mental wellbeing, reduces anxiety, and because singing is about taking big breaths of air into our lungs it makes us physically better as well. We are told that there are more people feeling isolated and lonely than ever before. Tablets, phones and other devices are great, but social media doesn’t fill our need for human contact, togetherness and belonging. Singing and making music with others can help to fill this gap.

Opportunities to join in and make music come along regularly. Two churches in the Team have choirs: St Augustine’s, Rugeley, the larger of the two, and St Michael’s, Brereton.

If you play an instrument or sing, or if you want to learn to sing, then get in touch with Jayne Gould, Choir Director at St Augustine’s Church. Call 078 0163 1794.