Milestones and key events in our lives

The idea that life is a journey is a useful way to view our lives. How we start that journey, how we navigate major stages and events, and how we cope with changes, welcome or unwelcome, have strong spiritual dimensions. The churches in the Team Ministry are here for local people, here to celebrate with you, support you, your family and loved ones throughout the journey. The support we offer is motivated and inspired by the knowledge that God loves and values every person and walks every step of our lives alongside us.

To discuss and book a baptism or wedding at any of the churches in the Team Ministry area you need to visit the church of your choice during Office Hour. You don’t need an appointment. The times of the Office Hour in the churches are as follows:

St Augustine’s, Rugeley: Wednesday evenings 7.00pm- 8.00pm

St Michael’s, Brereton: Click here for dates and times

Church of the Holy Spirit, Etching Hill: Saturday mornings 9.00am - 10.00am

St John’s, Slitting Mill: Please go to Office Hour at St Augustine’s Church (see above)

Church of the Good Shepherd (Pear Tree Estate): Please go to Office Hour at Michael’s Church (see above)

St John the Baptist, Armitage: Please call 01543 579660.


Baptism or Christening

Having your child baptised is a great moment for any parent. These days we are often seeing one or other parent baptised as well which gives an added level of celebration and joy.

In order to have your child baptised (or Christened - it is the same thing), you will need to attend a Baptism Preparation session on a Saturday morning. These are usually held at St Augustine's Church. These sessions are not a lecture, they are more of a conversation which explores what baptism is all about. They are interactive sessions covering all aspects of this very special event in the life of any family. We explore the idea that life and indeed faith can be seen as a journey, what do we need to go on any sort of journey? We think about the things that influence what we want to have a child baptised. And, of course we think about all the practical things that need to be thought through about the service itself.

So, the first thing is to do is to go along to the Office Hour for the church at which you'd like the baptism to take place and book yourselves (both Mum and Dad) in for the next Baptism Preparation session. You'll find details at the top of this page.

Are you preparing for parenthood, or are you already a new parent? How are you coping? Talking and chatting through some of the joys and challenges of being a parent is really important, and to help you get the conversation going here is a discussion starter game you can down load and use. Click here.


Getting married in church

Marrying in a church is personal, meaningful and spiritual, just as you want it to be. Churches are special and unique places to get married in - the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond.

Many couples who have been living together for some time decide to get married in church. Some say that they want to "do it properly", for others, events in their lives have prompted them to explore the deeper, spiritual aspects of making a commitment and being accountable for that commitment to God.

There are a variety of different types of church buildings in the Team Ministry area and as long as you live in what are the former Parishes of Armitage with Handsacre or Brereton and Rugeley, or you have family or other significant connections with the area, you are probably able to get married in one of them. For example, the Church of the Holy Spirit in Etching Hill is a smaller, modern building with beautiful acoustics and modern stained glass windows. So if you want a wedding with a more contemporary feel, this might be the one for you. If on the other hand you want something more traditional and on a grander scale, you could consider St Augustine's Church in Rugeley, or St Michael's, Brereton, or St John the Baptist, Armitage. 

To enquire about getting married in one of  Our Churches please get on touch by email or call 079 1941 6900


Renewal of Marriage Vows

Many couples reach a significant anniversary and ask for a special service in church in which they renew the vows they made to each other on the wedding day. This is a really great way to mark an anniversary. A special service in which vows are renewed can be arranged. Visit the Office Hour of which ever church in the Team Ministry that you'd like such a service to take place



When a child is Christened or baptised his or her parents and godparents make promises and undertakings on behalf of the child. Confirmation takes place when the child has grown up and decides to 'confirm' those promises for him or herself.

Across the Team Ministry we run occasional 'Just Looking' courses for people considering their faith and wanting to learn more. For many people these courses lead to people deciding to get Confirmed. To enquire about Confirmation, get in touch by email or attend an Office Hour at your local church (see details at the top of this page)



We work with several local Undertakers to ensure that the funeral of a loved one is dealt with sensitively and professionally. 

Every year we have memorial services to give those who have lost a loved one an opportunity to give thanks for their life and to assist in the process of bereavement. 

The Changing Room Counselling service offers counselling for those struggling with bereavement. The number to call to make an appointment is 075 9125 7737. We offer up to 6 appointments with no charge. 

Some our the local funeral undertakers we work with on a regular basis are:

Phillip Emery Funeral Directors 01889 582274

Co op Funeralcare 01889 582315

Bruce Walker Funeral Services 01889 584513